When it is your job to give your opinion, and help others form theirs, you start to see things as absolutes. Here’s how to avoid this.

Some years ago I used to regularly write columns for newspapers in the UK, and as I am also a lecturer in journalism at Goldsmiths, University of London, I would often find myself talking to students about opinion writing, and analysing my own trade. …

If it doesn’t make sense to you, it won’t make sense to readers

One of my greatest lessons in editing happened years ago when I was working for a small think tank in the UK, the Fabian Society, editing their publications. We had agreed to publish a piece by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and I was going through it before publication…

You meet so many people when you become a parent, but how do you know which ones will become the friends you want to keep?

When you have a baby in non-pandemic times, the blur of people you meet can be overwhelming. Once you have dived into the world of parenting groups and playgroups, it’s like Freshers’ Week at university — you talk to everyone to begin with and then spend the next few years…

Ellie Levenson

I am a writer and lecturer based in the UK, writing for adults as Ellie Levenson and for children as Eleanor Levenson.

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