If you had asked me last year how long I would like to sleep for, I’d have said 100 years.

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The books I liked as a kid were old even by the time I read them, so it’s understandable they have no interest

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When it is your job to give your opinion, and help others form theirs, you start to see things as absolutes. Here’s how to avoid this.

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Winning the prize is great, but that is not the only thing to be gained

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If it doesn’t make sense to you, it won’t make sense to readers

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You meet so many people when you become a parent, but how do you know which ones will become the friends you want to keep?

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You just need one, to carry you through to the next day

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We need suggestions of books for clever but tired women

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I wish I had known these at the beginning of my career

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Ellie Levenson

I am a writer and lecturer based in the UK, writing for adults as Ellie Levenson and for children as Eleanor Levenson.

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